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ICT & Managed Services

SEVAK provides hardware infrastructure and service integration business. We offer solutions for Spice Cloud, Networking, Data, Voice, Hosting and Managed Services. SEVAK also provides Spice Cloud and Big Data solutions to enterprises in the region.

Enterprise IT Solutions and Infrastructure

Through our IT Group of companies, we provide/offer/propose a host of business offerings to relieve enterprises of huge upfront capital expenditure and the constant risk of technological obsolescence, while obtaining full access to the latest technologies, comprehensive IT infrastructure, and maintenance. Aligning closely with top IT companies such as HP and IBM, we enjoy strong support in solutions, relationship, and branding in our engagement with our clients. Our teams of highly experienced and skillful engineers work 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure the availability of your mission critical business operations.

Operator Products & Services ICT & Managed Services